Customers of GTIB can easily and quickly make non-cash payments from their current account to any account with another bank through the Bank's payment services.


Features at a glance

    Incoming funds credited to the customer's account same day received.

    Incoming funds credited to the customer’s account in the currency of the payment received.

    Execution of international outgoing payment orders across various currencies at a

    favorable commission rates.

    Flexible payment instruction methods: by sending a payment order to the Bank through the

    Online Banking, or by email.


Remote account management

GTIB has developed convenient ways for you to remotely manage and access your personal and corporate accounts, saving you valuable time and money. We offer you a selection of safe and effective tools to independently control and manage your account, providing the opportunity for quick access to banking information.


Online Banking 

GTIB gives you easy international access to your accounts using our safe and secure communication channel

       Full service banking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

       Control the balance of funds and receive the account statements over any period.

       Up to date information on transactions.

       Perform live transactions on your account at any time and from anywhere in the world, wherever an Internet connection is available.

       Construct and send messages.