For Bank Account Applications, detailed information must be submitted on our Anticipated forms, revealing the source of the funds that are expected to be deposited monthly/annually into the account. Additional source of funds and supporting evidence may be requested from the client by our compliance department upon review of the Bank Account Application. Upon the receipt of any deposit to your Bank Account, the bank may require that a declaration of Source of Funds form be completed for review by our compliance department before the funds are credited to the account. Please fill out all forms accurately and completely. The completed forms must then be printed and signed by all the individuals listed. You must then email or fax these forms to the email address of GTIB.

GTIB Corporate Account is designed to meet the varying needs of high net worth individuals and corporations worldwide. We offer multi-currency accounts as a convenient and secure way to keep and accumulate funds, make payments required for support of the business activity, and receive additional financial services from us.


Features at a glance:

    Multicurrency offers great advantages in transferring across various currencies without 

    opening additional accounts for each currency.

    Convenient payment transfers in any currency, using a single account.

    Currency exchange transactions in accordance with the Bank’s exchange rates.

    Full and immediate control of your account: execute transactions, control the balance of

    funds and apply for additional services from us at any time and from anywhere in the world,  

    by phone or Internet.

    Minimum balance to keep on Account is 50.000 EURO/USD.