>>Term Deposits are set at Fixed Terms

>>Deposits Available in EURO and USD

>>Minimum opening balance of 250.000,00 (EURO/USD)


Terms: ranging from 1 year to 5 years

Rates: Will be fixed based on the volume and life of the CD


Standard Term Deposit:

For existing personal or corporate clients of GTIB: Term Deposits can be requested threw our mail and you will get further instructions for the next steps online.

For non-clients of GTIB: We do require you to open a Bank Account with GTIB first and to complete our related Due Diligence procedures. 



Term Deposit requirements

Changes to Amount: Once a Term Deposit is placed the amount placed is fixed for the period of the deposit and it cannot be increased. Instead a new deposit must be placed.

Early withdrawal: Early withdrawals are permitted but if so the original deposited amount is repaid minus a penalty percentage.

Maturity: Upon maturity you can renew your Term Deposit for another period of your choice with interest added and compounded or you can renew your original invested amount and have your interest credited to your account at GTIB. If you don't want to renew your Term Deposit at maturity, your deposited amount with interest will be credited to your GTIB account. Your maturity instructions can be given through email communications.   

Rates and Amounts: The interest rates that would be agreed on, will be fixed for the Term they relate to and are quoted on a per annum basis.