About Us.

At Global Trust Investment Bank (GTIB) we are committed to developing our ‘Corporate Responsibility’ principles and activities. We firmly believe that we make our greatest contribution to society by being good at what we do and doing it in a responsible way with responsible lending and financing of sustainable development projects and providing products and services that help customers realize their financial goals, that drive economic growth, and that sustain a healthy financial system. In accordance with our Mission, GTIB supports projects that address existing problems and challenges, add value to society, apply relevant and internationally accepted best practices and are financially sustainable.


Wealth Management.

The current global economic condition invites opportunities for sophisticated Services in private banking and trade markets. In a trend toward ‘World Citizenship’ and the ever – increasing demands of borderless international Business, to create customized Exclusive Trading and Investment Banking Services each acting as a one stop and in – house dedicated Global Banking Financial Center which protects the privacy, privileges and powers of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), Qualified Investment Buyers (QIB), Multinational Corporations (MC) and Wealthy Families (WF).


Asset Management.

At Global Trust Investment Bank we are ensuring that our products seek to meet the needs of today’s investors, developing a successful range of products, driven by innovation, with a focus on simplicity and value that allow investors to follow the stock market – but without the associated pitfalls. Structured products are investment products available to the public whose repayment value derives from the development of one or several underlying assets. Underlying assets are investments such as Shares, Interest, foreign Currency or Raw Materials such as Gold, Crude Oil, Copper or Sugar. Structured products are a combination of a traditional Investment (e.g. Bond) and a Derivative Financial Instrument. Legally, structured products are obligations for whose fulfillment the issuer is liable with all of its as importance to the investor.

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