One Open Platform For All Your Investment Services

Global Trust Investment Bank has access to institutional and international capital markets funding on a worldwide basis allowing for a bespoke solution for every project. We have a diverse range of sophisticated financing options utilizing various banking instruments. The investment division utilizing its credit lines can discount and finance international projects within a risk free environment. Our goal is to provide a full range of financial services to our clients. We are acting with our activities strictly to the guided rules and standards of the international market. Our point of view is to have an individual approach to each and every client with a professional view and competence. We are offering the service of funding projects that are reasonable and have at the same time a touch of a humanity projection within the criteria and conditions of our company. Our project finance professionals work with the clients to procure the various types of projects and help them to get them to their goals. We have within our network our partner auditing companies that we would advise to the clients to support them with their project documentations.



Global Payment Services – With Swift Connection

Through our sophisticated network of correspondent banks and Swift connection , Genesis Bank will efficiently carry out all required payment services in convertible currencies on a global scale

Global Custodian Services

We can be the custodian of a broad range of financial instruments such as Bonds , Notes privately and publicly issued registered or listed at stock exchanges globally

Structuring Services For Private Or Public Placements

We can structure private or public placements , which can be quoted on different stock exchanges globally

Opening Of Multi-Currency Accounts And Investment Accounts

Client Accounts can be opened in USD and Euro currencies. Consolidated account statements will be provided on a regular basis when requested, whereby accounts can be accessed through our electronic banking platform

Paying Agent For Private Or Public Placements

We can act as a paying agent for any placements that we arrange or contracted with


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